消耗體力 難易度 戰鬥次數 敵方魔物 經驗值 金幣
40 65 5

SwordIcon: 0 BowIcon: 0 SpearIcon: 22 StaffIcon: 10

Fire: 0 Ice: 0 Lightning: 0 Darkness: 0


  • 奧丁(recruit, Odin Omega, 100% if you don't have one; 0% if you do)
  • Amethyst Flame (Odin Omega, 100% if you don't have one and have Odin).
  • Rune (Odin Omega, 50% if you don't have one and have Neo Odin or have Amethyst Flame)



"What do you want of us?"

Odin makes no reply. He is already satisfied,
confident that a new dawn is imminent.

"though my time may be at an end,
vast multitudes of her creations
yet live on in the world."

The Allfather's words ring clear and true.

And then you realize: the raging winds and
rumbling tremors are subsiding.

Before Odin Omega

"The time has come."

The all-seeing Allfather falls silent.

Then a tempest descends, with all the fury
of divine retribution unleashed.


"Your eyes blaze gloriously, O unyielding ones."

It seems Odin has deemed you worthy.

The winds abate and the earth sinks into
gentle repose. A new day begins to break.

"I return now to the confines of creation."

Dawn is a cruel mistress, for it banishes Odin
and his kin to the realm of fantasy until the
next dreamer revives them anew.

The glowering thunderclouds, speared relentlessly
by lightning, begin to dissipate like a dream,
revealing brilliant shafts of morning sunlight.

The gods of fancy drift onward on the
sea of purpose that connects the Maker
with the peoples of the world.